THE WHISKEY ROSE eau de parfum 50ml

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$192.00 CAD

Savoir Faire goods are blended, bottled and prepared by hand. Please allow 2-3 days for fulfillment.

In the era of "giving people their flowers", we'd probably opt to send them delicious cocktails instead. The WHISKEY ROSE is our compromise: beautiful dark roses, saturated by the perfectly garnished Old Fashioned.

Savoir Faire fragrances are not assigned to any specific gender.  Feel free to wear this with your favorite leather motorcycle jacket or at a Black Tie gala.

The amber and wood base notes are deep, soothing and warm, while the vanilla and rose are not powdery or sugary.  (Think less Bth & Bdy Works and more of the actual dry vanilla bean pod.)

Notes: rose absolute, grandiflorum jasmine, leather, organic vanilla, nagarmotha, tonka bean, sandalwood, muhuhu, choya loban, bergamot, labdanum.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
G. Israel

Yeah, I'm buying a back-up bottle ASAP and just received my first order purchase!

G. Israel
Highly Niche Offering

Everything I didn't know I needed. Very well blended and highly thought out!! A vkind buy that'll make you see that this a very quality fragrance! Allow me to continue shopping Savoire Faire....

Whew chile!

The Whiskey Rose is a beautiful scent that is suitable for year round wear. I can envision wearing this on a sexy spring/summer date night or pairing with a leather jacket, cozy sweater or fly trench & scarf in the fall/winter. It takes you through a wave of emotions upon first spraying but the DRY DOWN is where the swooning begins! Not only full bottle worthy but Top Ten as well!


Wow! This fragrance is incredibly stunning. The entire Savoir faire collection is unmatched, but this scent specifically has captured my heart. It is alluring, seductive, and sensual. The rose is beautifully blended. I have tried the entire discovery set and now I am excited to purchase the full-sized bottles, starting with the Whiskey Rose.

Boozy Rose!

Boozy Rose! But not alcoholic smelling. This fragrance fits a formally dressed event. Im not the biggest fan of the note of rose, but I can appreciate the quality, the depth, and profile of this fragrance.