Savoir Faire is a French phrase that means "to know how to do." 

It's our mission to create fragrances that declare you "know how to do" in any environment you're in. Created for people of many layers, our parfums are made to be worn by humans of any gender.  Everyday is a special occasion in our book.

Savoir Faire's five flagship fragrances are handcrafted with a high oil concentration to ensure their longevity, yet offer an inviting sillage without being obnoxiously overpowering. 

Founded in 2017, Savoir Faire is a proud pioneer of Black owned fragrance brands in the USA.



Fragrances have "notes" patterned after musical harmonies.

Sometimes they become a solo.

The idea of creating this fragrance was the result of a chance meeting between artist Chris Classic and perfumer J.A.  Mr. J.A. had previously created a fragrance line called Supreme Aroma.  Classic, an avid cologne buyer had always dreamed of creating his own signature scent. The plan was that J.A. would assist Classic in the creation aspect and in turn, Classic would channel traction back to revamp and reboot the Supreme Aroma line.   For an entire year the two made a concerted effort to meet regularly to build the scent profile, despite both being fathers and husbands and entrepreneurs. 

In the final stages of production, J.A. chose to cut off communication with Classic without warning or explanation. Deeply saddened by the inexplicable departure and countless unreturned communication attempts, Classic continued with his dream. He had incurred all costs of production materials for the entire year and for the first hand made batch of the fragrance.  

Classic chose to invest further, sourcing more materials and now developing the concentrations himself to change the initial scent profile for the parfum, Savoir Faire.  Out of respect for J.A.'s time vested, he also chose to uphold his initial agreement by still placing the name Supreme Aroma on the label tagline, as it is very much a divine fragrance.  (Since has been removed.)

In the words of laureate Kendrick Lamar,  "Soprano C, we like to keep it on a high note. Its levels to it, you and I know..."