Soft Life FauxFur Trucker (3 colors )

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In a study for The National Library of Medicine, Dr. Cheryl Woods-Giscombé examined the Superwoman Schema. It's the do-it-all cultural ideal that many Black women find themselves striving to be. 

The study found that to be a respected Black woman today, many feel the pressure to manifest strength, thereby suppressing emotions and vulnerability, resisting dependency, and projecting unyielding determination to succeed despite the circumstances. And they do this all while continuing to help others in their community, often putting their emotional needs last. The women in the study reported that playing this superwoman role can result in strained interpersonal relationships and tons of stress-related behaviors and health issues, like migraines, poor eating habits, and bad sleep schedules. 

In search of my own Kingly zen, this trucker hat is a nod to the Women searching for and achieving their Soft Life.

This snapback faux fur trucker hat is quality stitched and fully adjustable. The interior sweatband will not snag or irritate, and the Savoir Faire crown is carefully embroidered in back.

Available in PYT Pink, Iced Coffee and Little Black Dress. 

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