SavoirFaire I.K.E.A. Bag (This Aint No Side Hustle)

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Innovative Knowledgeable Entrepreneurs Align.

The entrepreneurs secret, including myself for a long time, has been using IKEA bags to carry packages to ship or to haul supplies.  

While thats perfectly fine, you know us, we’re innovators and adapt things for what we need and what speaks to us.  

Our “lil” businesses arent little.   And while we do grind daily or as often as we can, the word hustle sometimes comes off like more of a “swindle”, and I hate that negative connotation.  

So..  here we are.  

21 x 13 x 15 (same as what youre used to)

•holds up to 30lbs - (but would not suggest sharp objects, they are not completely indestructible like Ray J’s glasses 😂) 

•woven polypropylene

•2 different handle sizes on each bag.   

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