MOOD MIST: Her Soaked Flower (The Whiskey Rose)

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Savoir Faire goods are blended, bottled and prepared by hand. 

Refresh your aura and mood or create a warm inviting scent on your bedding that incites passion, and energy...  Use it as a personal space/room & linen spray.  Your car can get it too!   Its made with the pure concentration of The Whiskey Rose parfum with Jasmine & Vanilla essential oils.

Although this is more for scenting the air around you, it will not hurt you if it gets on your skin, however it is not made to be a body spray.   If you are allergic to lavender please do not use.  

This comes in a 4oz glass bottle. SHAKE WELL EACH TIME. 


Whiskey Rose Notes: rose absolute, grandiflorum jasmine, leather, organic vanilla, nagarmotha, tonka bean, sandalwood, muhuhu, choya loban, bergamot, labdanum.

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