You aren't here by accident.

We have a synergy, it's just a matter of finding it. To start, I'm an artist/songwriter who specializes in creating original songs for TV & Film, sometimes for ads. I'm born and raised in New York, but have now added Atlanta as a place I call home.


I've written, recorded and licensed hundreds of songs for Hollywood.

I received my start from the legendary Hip Hop pioneers RUN DMC in 1999 and then connected with film music mogul Ali Dee Theodore in 2002 to begin my nichè career.

Fortunate enough to have received an American Music Award in 2008 for best Soundtrack along with both platinum and gold sales certification for soundtracks I've worked on with Theodore via his production team, The Practice Worldwide.

 Started sharing my highs, lows and life journey on social media and have developed an organic engagement with 100,000 fellow beings that relate to me on a daily basis. 

Using the same storytelling skills I do when writing songs, I share my authentic lifestyle as a means to create positive, engaging content for progressive millennials and Gen X'ers.

In January 2018, I went viral with an edit of a racist H&M ad. The image of the young Liam Mango, now crowned a King was circulated into history and seen on news sites and channels internationally.

I divide my time between my son, my love, my fascination with clouds & skyscapes, instagram and single malt scotch. In November 2017 I released my very own fragrance, called Savoir Faire. I define it as an olfactory statement for those of many layers.