Savoir Faire Crown Stockings

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Savoir Faire crown stockings are a work in progress, as most of our lives are.  Yet we walk with our crowns regardless!  Creator Chris Classic has always been an admirer of women wearing stockings and so this offering is quite authentic to the Savoir Faire brand. 

SIZING:  This is the “work in progress” aspect.  


size S/M = US sizes 2-4 and some size 6 with smaller posteriors should enjoy this fit.

size L/XL = most women between US size 6 - 10

The women who have tested these stockings have commented on the good stretch and noted that the logo may stretch higher up the thigh.. Women with larger thighs may want to opt for size L/XL.  They foresee about 6 or so wears out of them, thus the current INTRODUCTORY price. 

We are seeking ways to improve design to fit ALL sizes comfortably and to last longer   All help and suggestions welcomed  

Obviously, once tried on they cannot be returned. 

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