Savoir Faire SOUL CAFÉ eau de parfum 50ml

Savoir Faire SOUL CAFÉ eau de parfum 50ml

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This is made to be intensely personal and intimate. Sexual even. Not the nice, 'we've dated for two months first and discussed previous history and future expectations'... this is fiery and passionate, with reckless abandon, knowing your craving being satisfied will justify everything else that follows. Wear this to partake in the devouring. Everything is on the table at Soul Café.

As with the previous unisex Savoir Faire fragrances, Soul Cafe opens rather strong. The dry down is beautifully complex and offers a multitude of options for the various wearers to exude.

notes: tobacco, bergamot, orange blood, black pepper, patchouli, private musk blend, amber wood, oud, lavender, arabic coffee, firewood.

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