MOOD MIST: Beau Noir Arabian Khush

MOOD MIST: Beau Noir Arabian Khush

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••• PLEASE NOTE : Savoir Faire is blended, bottled and prepared by hand.

As the world is forced to spend time being still, you might not want to use your Savoir Faire parfums just to sit in your living room.   But to refresh your aura and mood or to create a warm inviting scent on your bedding that incites passion, I thought it would be great to create a personal space/room & linen spray.  Your car can get it too!  

Although this is more for scenting the air around you, it will not hurt you if it gets on your skin, however it is not made to be a body spray. 


4oz PET bottle, due to winter months (the previous GLASS bottle freezes)

Beau Noir fragrance, amber & hemppatchouli essential oil. distilled water, witch hazel.