Savoir Faire Eau De Parfum 10ml Cigar Clutch (spray)

Savoir Faire Eau De Parfum 10ml Cigar Clutch (spray)

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*see note below

Thanks to public urging, Savoir Faire is now available in a cigar sized fine mist atomizer. Comes through in the clutch! Or for women who choose to wear the scent, you can now carry it literally in your clutch. This 10ml/.33oz size is great for the inside of your blazer or cargo pockets and perfect for travel.

The rollerball is no longer available.  This sprayer is the only option for the cigar clutch size.


••• PLEASE NOTE: Savoir Faire is blended, bottled and prepared by hand.  Due to demand, Holiday Shipments will go out every 3 or 4 business days. ONCE this batch (11/23/2018) is sold out there will NOT be a restock before Christmas.