Savoir Faire: A premier Black Owned Fragrance Brand.

Savoir Faire is proud to be part of the beautiful growing number of Black owned fragrance brands.  Why does it matter?  Many people who see themselves represented in every aspect of American media, never understand how it feels to be excluded, unwelcome or ignored. Turning magazine pages, television channels or seeing pop up ads that only consist of people who look like you, feels normal. As it should. 

Imagine NOT seeing yourself at all. 

After decades of the same, you will feel like those products are not made for you and that your spend isn't appreciated or recognized.  According to Nielsen , African Americans spend 152 Million on Fragrances annually, roughly 22% of the entire market. Yet, when you think of a cologne/ perfume ad or imagery, honestly take a few seconds and think about who you imagine.


Savoir Faire is not specifically made to exclude any ethnicity. There are no notes or special ingredients that magically skip over white consumers. Thats not the goal here. However, from ownership to marketing to intentional imagery, Savoir Faire allows for Black consumers to see themselves represented, appreciated and acknowledged. The fragrances are hand blended, bottled and boxed in Atlanta, GA.

Signature, Beau Noir and Soul Cafe are available for purchase  on the website.